Friday, 10 July 2009

What a week ....

Well Dan is back in Catterick for now. He has been given the wonderful duty of playing guard at Gaza for the week! 24 hours on and 24 hours off for an entire week, how lovely. Hopefully I will see him on the 24th when I make the oh so wonderful hike up north for the wedding.

I received a fantastic email from the OFT today telling me that yes a company is braking the law but all they will do is take my account of things and file it. Trying to work out how that would even remotely help us. We have a country full of fantastic laws (ha yeah right) that are meant to protect us! Yet no one wants to enforce them and we are considered guilty thus having to prove our innocence! What happened to 'innocent until proven guilty'. Does that only apply to the hardened criminals who have had such a terrible life they have turned to the world of crime and use it as an excuse for their behaviour?

I am still packing, at the moment it is not getting done as quickly due to the pile of paperwork and phone calls I need to make *groans*

My Aunt and I went to Art Base yesterday and took part in a class. I have finished the house, but I want to do more to it and I have a few ideas. Though I did manage to hack away at my finger with a craft knife in the class, there will be no doubt who made that book ..... I have my DNA on it hehe The people there are so lovely and helpful so Sunday should be a fun day.

I got a file for all of my paper so now it shall be kept all nice and protected just need to sort it all out. I have made a couple of cards from my Pinnacle's shopping which I shall take pictures of soon. I decided in my wisdom to cover my drawer sets in handmade paper. However I really really really love one design which I only had a small square of. So I shall be heading to the bargain bin to find some more on Saturday.

Christmas in July this weekend. I have been getting rather excited about this for weeks. I have got my do craft goody bag which has kept me amused for a week so far. I finally have my oval shapes so I can make my fave design today woohoo I will be looking forward to seeing all of the products and ideas that the staff have come up with.

We finally found the shop in Ockendon for crafts. I can't say that I was overly blown away by it. I think that is because I am spoilt with Pinnacles and Art Base. I managed to get a couple of things from there but I doubt I will be rushing back.

Oh well I best go as Dan is back in the Guard House so I can finally speak to him :-D

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the class. Think you will have fun on Sunday too.

    Aunty Toni xx