Saturday, 24 July 2010

More photos

Fathers Day (I actually made those) they had chocolate in and everything!

My Thank You card that I made for Kat and Dave which is still up on the mantal. Dave thought I had bought it from a shop :-D

This is a glimps of our kitchen and yes that is Dan doing the washing up. Normally the loo brush is not on the counter but we had just bought it
Dan's first day at work
The boys in the hallway, the white door is the downstairs loo and the glass one is the front door

We have arrived pictures

This is the house and the back garden

The stunning Roemond in Holland (when we have the car running we spend most of our weekends in Roemond). The Dutch are such lovely people and I could spend every day in Holland.
Berty the baby bird that I was looking after

Our photos so far

Well I have been happily snapping away but sadly most of my photos can't be published (joys of living on a camp). I am starting to get photos of the house once the rooms are complete so keep an eye out for those.

This is at the Ferry port waiting to leave the UK

This is our last view of England
Welcome to Amsterdam, not as pretty and scenic as I had imagined
Further into Holland we started to get the more 'scenic' views. This is the boys first and only wee in Holland
This is our Hotel in Elmpt