Monday, 18 January 2010

Brrrr snow, snow and more snow!

As you can see we have had plenty of snow. It started a week before Christmas and it has never gone. Thankfully it has melted in places now but I am still stuck in the house until it has gone. I have been so bored that I have contemplated moving the furniture around because I am sick of being in the same rooms in the same house!
The house has been ice cold because housing put the wrong size rads into the buildings. A couple across the road have demanded to be moved because it is so cold. At some points we have even seen our own breath sooooo hurry up summer!

Wedding frame

Here is my latest work, my Aunty and I was confused as to what to do with the plastic sheets as they were so pretty. So I used a black piece of card as a base, then I used an opal card which I cut to give a wavy edge. Then I put one piece of the silver plastic design on the card to highlight all of the designs and then added a photo from the wedding. After that I just cut out parts of the design that stood out and put that over the photo. Not the most complicated of pieces but I liked it so I thought I would share with you all.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Hello from the North Pole

Just a quick hello from the snow palace! Yes it is still snowing and I am sick to death of it. According to the weather we have more to come, oh joy!

I have actually made something crafty which my Aunty will be happy about. I finally found a use for the plastic sheet design that we had spent ages looking at, I made a photo frame thingy bob with it. I shall upload a photo of it when I get some batteries for my camera.

I have found a craft shop in Darlo but it has nothing on the shops that are down south. I did find a few bargains the other day including my flipping santas for 30p!

Jack is learning his basic skills and we have learnt sit and lay down. He still has some issues but he is so much better than he was. The Vet said today that we have finally reached a weight that is normal for his breed.

Dan and I are finding loads of places to visit and our last trip out before the snow was to Richmond Castle. The views are amazing from the grounds, I will upload some photos when I load the other pictures.

Right I am off to bed as I am starting to nod off (must be my age lol)

Night all