Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I am an Aunty again ......

Well I have been at my in-laws for the past couple of days so that I could go with my sister-in-law to her baby's first scan.

Yesterday I was greeted by nudey rudey otherwise known as Kirstin (she has decided that running naked is far more fun than wearing any clothes). I now know most of the story books off by heart lol

The baby is fine but with the size of its head Vicky will need an awful lot of gas and air. They turned on the heart beat for us and it was there wiggling about flinging its arms and legs about. Very much an awwwww moment. I really can't wait for the 9th of March which is when it is due.

I spent a great day with the kids yesterday and I will be seeing them again later before 'Aunty Tristy' has to hike back home, woo public transport can't wait.

Monday, 10 August 2009

I have returned!

Well it has been a while! The joys of changing your name only for your internet company to get confused and cut you off. No one told me that getting married would cause so many problems.

I have still not moved out of my mum's house. The Army only recently allowed the application to go to Defence Housing, then they put a hold on the house because shame on me I asked for a ramp! So far we have had a week of fighting to try and tell the army a specific OT report can not be given on a house that does not exist. Neither can an OT from Thurrock do a report for a house in Yorkshire. The best part is according to Housing Defence there are no houses available in Catterick, yet there are empty houses sitting there .... obviously they are housing dust elf's!

There have been a few trips to Barleyland since my last blog and I have plenty of bits and bobs to make the odd card.

I finally got to spend some time with Dan wooooooooooooooo we have officially spent roughly 12 days together since the wedding. I know I know how on earth can he fit in work with all that time spent with me lol We attended a wedding and then came down south to spend some time with the dog and to see all the family down here. We also went on a day out with my Aunty so I think Dan has now seen most of the Essex countryside hehe I shall be adding some pictures later but at the moment I am busy with yet another day of phonecalls grrrrr when will this end