Friday, 17 July 2009


One of these days I will have some good luck without half a ton of bad luck to follow.

The other night I got a text to call some random number about Dan, panicking I rang to find out that his boss allowed him one night off with me. Woohoo, off I went to Earls Court being chatted up along the way. Finally I got to see Dan and it was great to see him again.

The next day he mentions to his Captain about letting me go with them around London, he gets humphy and says no we are on duty blah blah. When they finally find Dan the Captain mentions it and Dan states we have not been together since the wedding 'oh if I had known I would of allowed her to spend the day with us!' Grrrrr thanks for letting us know after I hike back to Essex!

Then I get a bill today from 3 to state I owe them two months for my net. Now I rang them on the 1st of this month to pay it because that's what I was told to do. Some silly man told me it had been paid and that I owed them nothing. I ring them today 'we have no record of that', mentioned about the direct debit dates 'we have no record of that'. So now I am waiting for a call from the manager which should have been no later than 49 mins ago! Plus if I change the date on the direct debit it will take another month for it to go through.

To top it I have to return shoes for a wedding next week because the company thought I would prefer two RIGHT shoes. Thanks to the Post Office who knows when they will get there due to them needing another day of strikes. If they did their job then I could understand them wanting more money, but their service is rubbish and unless you pay the earth to send something it is very doubtful the other person will ever get it!

I feel much better now after my rant lol


  1. Having a rant from time to time is just what we all need. At least you did get to spend some time with him.

    Aunty Toni xx

  2. Yup I felt much better after which resulted in some more chucking out and packing.

    Can you remind me I want to look at some Christmas paper in Pinnacles. See you in the morning xx