Monday, 22 March 2010

Birthday card

Here is a little card that I made for Lewis's 4th birthday. I used a background and bits from a mag my Aunty bought from me. It's not the most complicated of cards but it was quick and does the job so here it is.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

And here it is .....

Well I finished the final page to my layout of Oliver. Once I picked up my photos from Tesco's (which I would recommend as better than Jessops) I decided that I wanted to finish the layout. So while the boys played on the playstation I got all of my stuff out into the office and taadaa one layout completed.

I also finished colouring in but it is a bit in your face so I will have to have a think about what I am going to do with it.

I am also doing a birthday card for Lewis so I will add that once it is completed.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Scrapping .....

Well yesterday was rain rain and yet more rain! So I pulled everything out from under the stairs (my storage space) and covered the living room with all my craft stuff. My Aunty had sent up a couple of scrap book kits and it was bugging me because I had a few ideas. However due to Jessops changing their T&C's I have to wait a whole week for my photos to be printed by tesco's. On the plus side I have got just over 40 prints for 30p woohoo.

Anywhoos yesterday I finished off a page that I started at one of the classes my Aunty took me to and then I done another two pages. I have yet to get to the scrapping standards of my Aunty but we all have to start somewhere. Dan contributed by passing me some glue and sticking on some buttons (he was feeling left out).

The purple page has another half to come, the first half is all of Oliver scan pictures from 3 months and the next one will be (once tesco's print them) of when we met baby Oliver :-)

My Aunty got me some funky pens and ages back paper with a pattern on it (which looked a tad plain) sooooooo I am in the middle of being very grown up and colouring it all in.

Well I shall upload all of my pages so far and get back to colouring in.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Long time ......

Since I last wrote a post .... sorry!

My laptop officially died so I had to wait for Dan to return from Salisbury before I could use his computer.

Latest news:

Russell - he injured his paw and fractured his claw (very nice trip to the vets) He is a lot better now but typical Russell knows how to play up to it plus it still hurts him in the cold.

Snow - we have had snow here on and off for over two months now and by God am I sick of it. I actually sat on the drive trying to melt myself out the other week. Though thankfully we just have rain at the moment.

Posting - We are officially moving in June to ....... 7 Sigs ..... in ...... GERMANY! Our camp is Javelin Barracks in Elmpt Station so for the next two years I shall be just a tad further away from home than normal. Hmmmm I wonder if my Aunty will come pick me up for classes then hahaha only kidding.

I'm an Aunty again, as of last Wednesday baby Oliver was born and Aunty Kristy and Uncle Daniel got to hold him for the first time today. I even changed his nappy, which is a first for me, as if anyone knows me they all know I wont go near a nappy for love nor money!

Friends - I have made a really good friend up here called Nicole and she has the cutest of little boys called Lewis. You are never short of laughs when he is around and he has brought out the more paternal side of Dan.