Saturday, 5 March 2011

Latest photos of Lilly

Lilly is finally finding her feet in our family. We have to keep her in the dog cage when she is with the boys as she is still unsure of them at the moment. However I am happy to say the hissing fits are far and few between now and she is happy to lay down and watch them. Hopefully once Dan comes home from sailing we can introduce them with out the cage.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Meet Lilly

As mentioned in my last post we have not had her for long, actually not even 24 hours yet. A friend of mine saw an advert for her on our version of Ebay on facebook. They got her three weeks ago but within days my friend went into labour and gave birth to a very cute little baby boy called Austin. The situation was not very ideal for Lilly and it soon became evident that their house was not right for Lilly. So at the weekend Dan said that we would give her a home but my friends husband said that he wanted to keep her. However, yesterday my friend turned up and said that she knew the situation was wrong, Lilly was suffering so asked for us to take her. Well now I have a very tiny bundle fast asleep purring away on my chest. The boys love her but she is not too sure of them yet so they are being kept apart and gradually introduced.

Dan is happy because he has a little bundle that follows him everywhere and cries if he doesn't pay her any attention.

So please welcome Lilly Marshall to the family :-D

8 things about me ...

My Aunty recently passed on an award to me, thank you Aunty T! Well here goes 8 things to tell you about myself:

1) I live in Germany and I am right next to the border to Holland. I have to admit that ich liebe (I love) Holland a lot more than Germany.

2) As of yesterday Dan and I have 3 pets in Germany which are my amazingly cute dogs (not biased at all) Jack and Russell and now a very tiny little 7 month old kitten called Lilly. I was not intending on getting any more animals but the circumstances around Lilly meant that we couldn't say no. I shall upload photos in a moment to show her off.

3) I now have a paid job as a Youth Worker at the local Youth Centre. I teach Arts and Crafts to the children and also have got a few people into card making, scrapping and all kinds of home made delights.

4) I am a voluntary worker at the Thrift Shop on camp. It is basically like our version of a charity shop but we sell the items and a large percentage of the money goes back to the original owner of the items.

5) I have a few nicknames since coming to Germany. The latest is Aunty Yoda because my friend said that I am always right and know the answer to everything. Sam has also taught her daughter to wave her index finger when she says 'do the Yoda!'

6) I have finally overcome my oversion to smelly nappies and have changed a few now without gagging! I am rather proud of myself for that lol

7) I love taking photos and for my Birthday Dan bought me a new camera because my old camera couldn''t keep up with me hehe

8) The most important one .... I miss my family lots and lots but hopefully I will be able to see them all soon.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Here are some pictures from the garden showing all the bits and bobs that I am growing. Plus a couple of hoond pictures as well

Woof Woof to Our Great Grammy

Mummy and Daddy told us that you would be having a look at the blog so we thought we would put our paws to keys and send you a message. Mummy has been taking loads of pictures with us in the garden so we thought we would show you how handsome we are. Russell was trying to howl in a couple of them but he still doesn't know how to do it.
As you can see we thought it would be awesome to take all of our toys into the garden (Daddy was not happy because he had to go find them in the grass).
We love our new house but Jackie loves it more than I do. I (Russell Hoond) like to sit next to it rather than on my decking.
We miss you lots and miss all of our cuddles. Mummy and Daddy want their computer back so we shall speak to you soon on the telephone
Lots of love from the Hoonds xxxxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Latest update

Hi everyone, including my little Grandma (when she sees this). I promised Grandma that I would put up a photo of the new addition to the house .... another house lol Dave finished the dog house the other day and we love it. We just have to convince the boys that they like it as well. They have had a couple of sniffs but nothing to get over excited about. I am going to get Dan to go out there with them and hopefully with Daddys encouragement they will go inside.
The card is just a quick card that I made with some paper that my Aunty gave me before I left. I cut out the images on the page to try and give it a bit of dimension. Kat seems to love it so they has to count for something. I think I went a bit ott on the purple though but I never think there is ever too much purple!
Not much has happened over here other than a 16 foot snake being caught on the air field eeeek I am never going there again. Work is alright, I am making more friends there and my boss is giving me more responsibility with the new staff.
Right I am off to bed as it is late here (never sleep at normal times when he is on guard)
Night all