Monday, 9 November 2009

Wooohoooo ....

Now Jack has been a bit of a pain these past few weeks. We thought that we were ready for anything but silly old us thought that Jack would be easy like Russell ....... WRONG!!!!

This dog eats everything including the walls! He has eaten part of the laptop, the iron, photo albums you name it he has found it and left nothing but distruction in his path. Things have got so bad that I rang the Dogs Trust for a dog behaviour expert to give me some advice (still waiting for the call, why does this not shock me with them?!?)

Well I was in the kitchen (Dan is at work for some silly class on radios) and I remembered I had not given the dogs their daily treat. Out came the box and in ran the boys, they can hear me open that cuboard from anywhere in the house. Well out came some treats and I said like every night for them to sit. Like always Russell done as he was told and while I was making a fuss of him I looked over and what do I see ....... Jack had done it!!!!!

Four, yes that is right, four times in a row my little boy sat when I told him to. Yippeeeee there is some sign of hope after all. Plus, yes it does get better, while we were out for our hour walkies when I told them to wait before we crossed the road, Jack waited until I told him to go again!

I think Jack may have been abducted and replaced by a new hoond. I doubt that we will have the same tomorrow but hey something is better than nothing.

I thought I would share as Dan has taken my phone with him to work and the half chomped laptop is the only form of communication to the outside world.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Here are the latest photos

I am still alive ........

Well it seems since I have come up to the land of the monsoon I have hardly spent any time on the laptop. So I best get typing to update you all.

Well the spare room has now been completed woohoooo I have turned it into Dan's/Hoonds/chill out room. It looked rather empty until the other day when Dan decided that as he had taken all of the wardrobe space in the house that he would buy me a material one. I have decided that I hate going food shopping around here. It is fine going because it is down hill but coming back home with half a ton of shopping is a killer. Though we are hopefully getting a car next month so keep your fingers crossed.

Jack has had his stitches out and is doing really well. He still poops in the house but we are working on that one. Russell loves him to bits and when the Nurse took Jack out of the room he cried because he thought we was getting rid of his brother. They tend to love each other a tad too much but the vet said that hopefully that will stop in time. Russell was ill the other day but that was because the terrible duo have this new game, Jack makes holes in a ball and Russell eats it! Russell's lead snapped when I was with the on the field behind the house, thankfully he stays near to me when we are out so I managed to grab him before he legged it into the woods.

We had a professional photo shoot in the living room the other day and Ken dropped the photos off last night. Dan and I loved them so much we have all of them ooops. At least now we have a selection of photos of us together with the boys.

I have been required to drag out the old Lawyer in me, I had to write a child custody contract last week! I think people forget that I have yet to qualify but that has always been the downside of doing law.

I have met the people on my little section and they are all lovely. We had Denise and Sandy over for drinks on Friday night. Though I was so tired I was nodding off by the end of it. Then on Halloween Jackey and Wendy came over for drinks dressed as a witch and a skeleton.

Dan and I decided that we would go to Darlington on Saturday, it was good to get out of the street for a few hours. After the 40 min bus ride we both felt a tad drained but it was worth it. We went into Past Times (I have always loved that shop) and they had a 50% sale on. I saw a few things that I liked but never thought anything of it. I went to Poundland and Dan said he needed something in Boots so off he went. Shortly after he found me and handed me a blue bag with a Cl adder ring with a Amethyst heart stone, Art Deco silver watch and a Celtic style necklace with a Ruby oval stone. The necklace is for Christmas but I have worn my ring and watch every day since :-D

We have had to have both the front door and back door fixed in the past few days. There are more repairs needed so I will have to get on the phone to DHE to get it sorted. It was so nice for the man to ask me if this was the house Jack built!

Well I must go as I have to be domesticated but I will put some photos up.

Toodles for now