Saturday, 11 July 2009

CHRISTMAAASSSSS ... at Pinnacle's

I have been waiting and waiting for this weekend so I was rather excited this morning to head off to Barleyland.

I had the camera at the ready, fully charged as ordered by my Aunty. I did think it was rather odd to take a camera with me shopping but now I know why. I have lots of piccys to get ideas and pictures to follow, all from the fantastic cards that were on display.

I have a huge bag full of goodies to play with. There may be the odd Christmas card popping up soon to :-D

I have a mountain of vellum as it was 20p a sheet, bargain! Plus I have two bags full of stamps so I shall have ink and paper flying all over the place.

I shall resist making any tonight though as I am up early to toodle off to class in the morning. Hopefully I shall remain in one piece this time, I might take some plasters with me just in case though hehe

Night all and a very Merry Christmas in July!

P.S Thaaannnkkkk yoooouuuuuu Aunty T love the Pest xx


  1. You are welcome c",)

    Glad you managed to get some bargains - it was great wasn't it...even the weather tried to join in with the theme of the weekend - dull, chilly, WET...LOL

    See you in a little while for that super 3D LO that we will be doing at Artbase.

    Aunty Toni xxx

  2. I have my picture and my bag packed ready to go!