Monday, 28 September 2009

Very sorry ...

I am very sorry that I have not been on here to have a look at everyones blog of late. However I do have a valid reason ........... WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!! woooooo!!!

We move in on the 1st and I have been busy packing and spending hours on the phone trying to get everything ready. All I have seen is the roof from Google, although it is a lovely roof it would be nice to see the rest of it.

So first thing Thursday morning, Aunty Toni, Becky, the animals and myself shall do the horrible drive up to Catterick. I am excited about the move but there are certain aspects I am dreading! However, we will only have to put up with certain problems until May then we move again.

I am sure my Aunty will let everyone know all the latest gossip about the house until I am able to. Oh and before I forget I have an awesome bright green shower curtain, we will never need to turn the bathroom light on ever again :-D