Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Just a quick one

Guten morgan,

Well just a quick one to say hello and also to let you all know that I have a voluntary job! Yes that's right lil ol me is starting to work. There is a thrift shop on camp and most of their staff is being posted in a few weeks. So they rang Welfare asking for help just as I came through the door. So within five mins I was at the shop and told I start on Monday!!!!

I will be starting paid work but in the mean time it is something to do and it is only 3 days a week, well I have to work late tag early amend. (that was German for afternoon and evening)

The people I will be working with seem very nice, plus all I will have to do is stick tags on things and sort all the stuff out. That has made my day, now I best hike home to sort the boys and fill out the mountain of paperwork that I need for living here!

Love to everyone

Monday, 14 June 2010

A quick hello from the Marshall's

Well I am in the Welfare Office again trying to sort out all the changes of address that needs to be done so I thought I would say a quick Hello to everyone.

Today is roasting hot and I am getting a tan! However the past few days we have had heavy rain (just to remind us of home). Kat and Dave have been great and have taken us out a few times last week and cooked for us yesterday. Their son David is soooooo cute and he decided to watch videos on Dan's Ipod (Dan was not overly amused that his toy was with a 2 year old).

Dan started his first day at work today and he has already been told that he is away Thursday night to do the farewell parade at JHQ for ARRQ (think thats how they spell it). Basically the camps here are closing down and ARRQ is the first to go while we are here. 7 Sigs are meant to be coming back to the UK but we were told that we will all be trotting back to the UK in 2 and 1/2 years time ....... typical Army have changed their mind and now we don't even know if we will be back before the 3 years are up!

The house is looking more and more like our house now. Not sure if Dan saw the delighfully huge pile of stuff that he needs to take down to the cellar later hehehehe

Russell has had his first tick, ticks are rampent over here so we are going to have great fun!

Right I best go, love to everyone back home

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hellooooo from Germany

We have arrived!!!! My blog login is in German so this could be fun, it took a few goes to work out how to get this far haha

Well the Ferry, would never recommend DFDS again! Non stop problems the whole crossing but the boys had the worse part and were covered in wee and Jack cut his nose. We found that once we got to Holland our SatNav that had said it had maps for over here only had one road. Sooooo we found a petrol station and a very nice Dutch man told us how to get to the camp. Really was not too hard it's only two very long roads hehe

The camp is basically a wood with buildings plonked in it. The kennels where the boys were for two nights was lovely. They had a massive room out in the woods with a little house and were taken on walks around the forrest. Don't think they actually wanted to come home!

The house is bigger than the last one and it is taking a while to get used to the fact that the washing machine is downstairs. Dan has already made one of the rooms in the cellar his! The house was dirty and we have already had a falling out with housing over that one.

We have made friends with a couple that live a couple doors down from us. Dan worked with Dave years ago and by chance he met up with him in the Guardroom by accident. We have already been to theirs for a BBQ, taken to Hollland for lunch, drinks and shopping and we are going there Saturday so the boys can watch footy. Oh and they are cooking us a Sunday roast! Cat and Dave are so lovely so it will make it that bit easier to settle in.

Dan has found out he is 229 Sig Sqn which he was a bit gutted over as Dave and Dan (yup another one) are in 231 which on the paperwork was where Dan was meant to go.

Dogs are registered and will get a little Army number just like Dan.

Berty - The other morning Dan came running up the stairs, watermelon in hand to tell me that there was an injured bird in our garden. So me being me rushed out of the bath to go sit in the garden for an hour with a baby Jackdor (not sure on the spelling, my spellcheck is in German). A Magpie had pulled him from the nest and injured his wing and face so there was me in my PJ's and ever growing curly fuzzball of hair handfeeding this baby bird. The guard on duty told us to just snap his neck, you can guess my answer to that one. So we found the only vets open in Elmpt (although we are Elmpt Station we are just outside of it) and took the little one to get sorted. When we brought him home he went for a trot and found his parents and we think that's where he is now.

Oh and ref the google image we are the last house on the OTHER side of the road to what we thought. The reason we got it wrong was because the house numbers are not like in the UK and our neighbour has two houses in one. So we have a lovely view of garages and the NAAFI.

German classes - We went to the Army Education Centre only to find that I have to wait until July before the next lot start up. So for the meantime I shall just sit and say thank you a lot because that is the only one I know off by heart. Most of the Germans don't speak English, that's the Dutch. For the time being I just make sure that when we go off of camp I take Dan with me.

At the moment we don't have a TV (need a bigger dish), phone or net. There is a computer in the Welfare office which is where I am now so if any emails are sent I will see them when I next pop up.

I best be off, love to everyone back home and hopefully we will be able to speak to you soon