Friday, 12 June 2009

First of many blogs

My Aunty has had a blog on this site for a while so I thought I would give it a go. It has taken me a while due to a fault with my anti virus but fingers crossed that it is now fixed.

Well I best get on with the latest news within the crazy world of elmo. We have been given our posting which will be in York so hopefully we will finally be allowed to live together next month. Dan's away on a course at the moment so at the moment we don't get much time for each other, though I have used his bank card (it's my way of reminding him I am still here hehe).

I shall try and upload some pictures of the Thank You cards I am making for our guests from my recent wedding. My Aunty made my favour boxes, invites and a little photo flip book for our wedding (very proud and thankful to have a clever arty person in the family). Most of it is safely packed away so it might be easier to visit her blog to view pictures of those.

However I do have a couple of pictures saved on my computer so I shall try to add some pictures to this blog. My favour bags started off as simple paper bags or as my Aunty put it .... sick bags! I used the same stencil that I had used on the cake boxes and a very old paint brush with a plaster wrapped around it to make a point, some burgundy paint, some burgundy organza ribbon and wam bam you have yourself a little favour bag. Although the main reason for making everything for the wedding was to cut the cost I also wanted to make something personal to Dan and I. I would like to think that we managed it.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging - your background and header are redally beautiful (it only took me a year to work out how to change the header LOL)

    Aunty Toni xx

  2. Welcome to Blogland :D and what a pretty home you have :D

    As your lovely Aunt may have told you- me wuvs Elmo :D
    Now we just need to get you scrapping!!! :D
    Congrats on your marriage, you looked beautiful:D

    Julie xx

  3. Aunty Toni - I only managed it because I pressed lots of buttons just to see what they did. That could be why I was lost. I still want my background on paper though.

    Julie - Why thank you it is lovely to be part of Blogland. I have to confess I love Elmo as well and have been found putting Elmo's potty training song on repeat!

    My Aunty has bought me things to try scrapping so I shall try with the wedding photos.

    Aww thank you :-D


  4. You have done a lovely job with your new cyber home Kristy, may you have many happy hours here.x

  5. Thank you I am sure I will, people seem so lovely on here from what I have seen so far :-D

  6. Welcome to Blogland! :) Lovely home, so elegant. Have fun at your new cyber place. :)

  7. Welcome to blogland, I have been following Toni's blog and have seen the fabulous items she made for your wedding and cant wait to see what you do with those gorgeous wedding photo's.
    Most importantly have fun blogging!

  8. Thank you, the photos are with jessops at the moment so hopefully in a weeks time I will be able to start playing about with them :-D

  9. Welcome to blog land. The blog is looking gorgous already, well done. Keep up the good work and i lok forward to seeing all your crafty projects