Sunday, 14 June 2009

Big THANK YOU .....

... to everyone who has welcomed me to the world of blogging. If I haven't personally replied to your comments it is due to my computer dying half way through so I shall say a huge THANK YOU here.

Ok now on with my blogging. My Aunty and I went shopping yesterday to Barleyland and I am getting all excited with all the new things and ideas I have for the house. I have some new velum which I am playing with and I have started something (my Aunty will be proud) but I'm not showing until I have done some more to it. Though I really need to find where my glue went otherwise I wont be getting very far. I still have a pile of thank you cards to finish but I never seem to have time to fit that in.

Well I must go the dog has been given a treat from next door and he wont eat it until I go to the landing and watch him. I think it is a boy thing!


  1. Oooo, can't wait to see what you've been playing with...sounds interesting.

    Aunty Toni xx

  2. I found my glue and my thing which I have been faffing with :-D

  3. Welcome to blogland!! You appear to have taken to it with amazing ease!!
    Love the reason for the blog name... we won't mention it too often so Dan should be able to rest easy.... mind you.... you didn't actually say where you were tickling him to get such a reaction... reminds of an Elmo joke... ;)

  4. Thank you, I must confess I managed to do half of it by accident through pressing buttons to see what they did. I should be adding a few new things later, fingers crossed the site will let me.

    Haha well that would be telling!