Sunday, 28 June 2009


My Aunty and I went to on a little trip yesterday to Art Base and Barleyland. I must admit I was very impressed with the stock in Art Base and the staff seem so lovely. They showed us the house that we will be making which I am looking forward to. I have never done anything like that so I am not sure how it will turn out, but hey you have to try these things.

Then we went to Barleyland. I love it there, plenty of fresh air and people who are friendly, because lets face it all the staff are there because it is their hobby to. We had to go to pick up a cute little stuffed dog for Kirstin which Russell thinks is his. Then it was to the first port of call .... Pinnacles. Now recently I had seen a card design that I really loved but I could never see the items to make it. By the counter is a what I call the 'bargain bin' and ......... two yes that's right two packs were in it with all the kit to make my cards :-D

Sadly though the stock to make all the Christmas products was mostly still upstairs. There was a selection out already but not of the items I wanted, typical.

We had also been to the Farmers Market and tried everything and anything as well as sniffed jar after jar. So when I came back I had a few bags of goodies to play with. Typical me, I know there are items that I need to finish but I was straight into the card pack and within a short period two cards were made.

My Aunty picked me up a multi purpose heat gun so I shall be trying to make some Christmas candles in the near future. Though to be fair why on earth my Aunty thinks I am safe with something like this I will never know.

Now to what is becoming a slight obsession of mine. I have returned to my love of all things smelly (nice smelly of course). So I am building a collection of smelly bath bombs from Barleyland (where else) and creating a collection of candles. When I was at uni we were banned from having candles, which I can understand as one student set their flat on fire with a chip pan. I remember it well as I was still in the building at the time, who knew that you would have a real fire on the same day as a fire drill and people still didn't know what to do! I did .... relax by the window and perv at the hunky fireman below!

Well I shall hopefully be able to add pictures of my cards ... keep your fingers crossed


  1. They are lovely cards Kristy...well done on creating some so quickly.

    Enjoy all your smelly stuff - you deserve to have some nice bits and pieces...we'll have to see what else we can find LOL

    Aunty T xx

  2. Thank you, I might make another one later when Russell goes to sleep.

    I have put a jar out with my rosehips so I am sat here sniffing my room :-D