Tuesday, 22 February 2011

8 things about me ...

My Aunty recently passed on an award to me, thank you Aunty T! Well here goes 8 things to tell you about myself:

1) I live in Germany and I am right next to the border to Holland. I have to admit that ich liebe (I love) Holland a lot more than Germany.

2) As of yesterday Dan and I have 3 pets in Germany which are my amazingly cute dogs (not biased at all) Jack and Russell and now a very tiny little 7 month old kitten called Lilly. I was not intending on getting any more animals but the circumstances around Lilly meant that we couldn't say no. I shall upload photos in a moment to show her off.

3) I now have a paid job as a Youth Worker at the local Youth Centre. I teach Arts and Crafts to the children and also have got a few people into card making, scrapping and all kinds of home made delights.

4) I am a voluntary worker at the Thrift Shop on camp. It is basically like our version of a charity shop but we sell the items and a large percentage of the money goes back to the original owner of the items.

5) I have a few nicknames since coming to Germany. The latest is Aunty Yoda because my friend said that I am always right and know the answer to everything. Sam has also taught her daughter to wave her index finger when she says 'do the Yoda!'

6) I have finally overcome my oversion to smelly nappies and have changed a few now without gagging! I am rather proud of myself for that lol

7) I love taking photos and for my Birthday Dan bought me a new camera because my old camera couldn''t keep up with me hehe

8) The most important one .... I miss my family lots and lots but hopefully I will be able to see them all soon.


  1. Oooo, a kitty - what do Russell & Jack think of that? Look forward to seeing the pics.

    Luff you lots

    Aunty T xxxx

  2. They are ok with her but she has yet to get used to them. I am sure Grandma and Mum will inform you of her story which is why it will be a rocky road with her. However she has made a fantastic start.