Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Latest update

Hi everyone, including my little Grandma (when she sees this). I promised Grandma that I would put up a photo of the new addition to the house .... another house lol Dave finished the dog house the other day and we love it. We just have to convince the boys that they like it as well. They have had a couple of sniffs but nothing to get over excited about. I am going to get Dan to go out there with them and hopefully with Daddys encouragement they will go inside.
The card is just a quick card that I made with some paper that my Aunty gave me before I left. I cut out the images on the page to try and give it a bit of dimension. Kat seems to love it so they has to count for something. I think I went a bit ott on the purple though but I never think there is ever too much purple!
Not much has happened over here other than a 16 foot snake being caught on the air field eeeek I am never going there again. Work is alright, I am making more friends there and my boss is giving me more responsibility with the new staff.
Right I am off to bed as it is late here (never sleep at normal times when he is on guard)
Night all

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  1. Love the house...if the hoonds don't like it perhaps it needs some 'smells' to encourage them in - like sausages LOL

    The card is lovely - well done.

    Aunty T xxxx