Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Meet Lilly

As mentioned in my last post we have not had her for long, actually not even 24 hours yet. A friend of mine saw an advert for her on our version of Ebay on facebook. They got her three weeks ago but within days my friend went into labour and gave birth to a very cute little baby boy called Austin. The situation was not very ideal for Lilly and it soon became evident that their house was not right for Lilly. So at the weekend Dan said that we would give her a home but my friends husband said that he wanted to keep her. However, yesterday my friend turned up and said that she knew the situation was wrong, Lilly was suffering so asked for us to take her. Well now I have a very tiny bundle fast asleep purring away on my chest. The boys love her but she is not too sure of them yet so they are being kept apart and gradually introduced.

Dan is happy because he has a little bundle that follows him everywhere and cries if he doesn't pay her any attention.

So please welcome Lilly Marshall to the family :-D

1 comment:

  1. She's a little sweetie - lovely colours & markings.

    Aunty T xx