Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Just a quick one

Guten morgan,

Well just a quick one to say hello and also to let you all know that I have a voluntary job! Yes that's right lil ol me is starting to work. There is a thrift shop on camp and most of their staff is being posted in a few weeks. So they rang Welfare asking for help just as I came through the door. So within five mins I was at the shop and told I start on Monday!!!!

I will be starting paid work but in the mean time it is something to do and it is only 3 days a week, well I have to work late tag early amend. (that was German for afternoon and evening)

The people I will be working with seem very nice, plus all I will have to do is stick tags on things and sort all the stuff out. That has made my day, now I best hike home to sort the boys and fill out the mountain of paperwork that I need for living here!

Love to everyone

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  1. Oh well done you...that will help you to meet a few more folk and it is something you are familiar with. Hope all goes well.

    Love & (((hugs)))
    Aunty T xxx