Monday, 18 January 2010

Wedding frame

Here is my latest work, my Aunty and I was confused as to what to do with the plastic sheets as they were so pretty. So I used a black piece of card as a base, then I used an opal card which I cut to give a wavy edge. Then I put one piece of the silver plastic design on the card to highlight all of the designs and then added a photo from the wedding. After that I just cut out parts of the design that stood out and put that over the photo. Not the most complicated of pieces but I liked it so I thought I would share with you all.


  1. This is lovely...well done you.

    It is great to see that you are being able to create things that make your house more of a home.

    Aunty T xx

  2. Thank you, Dan got his medical cert and he wanted me to make a frame for it so we shall see what else I come up with.