Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hello from the North ....

I am sorry that I have not posted much over the past few weeks. Finally the house is coming together but for the first time in a while I don't actually have that much stuff and the house still looks a tad empty. I am sure that I can sort that next month.

Well I love my new house even if it does look like something out of Balamory! It is taking me a while to get used to the constant cold, I think I will go shopping for some warm clothes next month. I am sure you have seen the photos from my Aunty of the house and once I have completed the rooms I will take some more.

I am exploring to find new places, 2 and 1/2 hour walk to find the vets only to find it is no longer there! Russell loved it though, sorry Aunty Toni for not staying on the phone for long but as you know there are never ending hills up here. I need to take my camera out to get a few pics of the woods etc that are near me.

I need to book in for the second time to a dentist as the first one was up a flight of stairs! I had a look around the white shops, not over exciting but hey it is something new. I also found a taxi service that will take the hoondies to the vets.

Ah yes you might of noticed that I mentioned hoondies rather than hoond. Well Russell missed having another animal in the house so Dan and I sat down and concluded we needed a play mate for him. While Dan was on Afghan training Becky and I looked for all the rescue shelters in the area. We found a few potential dogs but my problem was getting to the Dogs Trust. Then my friend from down south also called Dan came up on a spur of the moment visit. He said that he would take us to have a look so off we went down the motorway. I thought I would want to take them all home but shockingly that was not the case. There was a few that were very nasty dogs jumping at the fence growling, I nearly pooped myself a few times!

I had not seen any dogs until we got to the last pen. There was three dogs in the pen, a small one that had just got a home, Jes and Jack. Jack kept in the background and Jes was sooooo cute. Typical me I wanted Jes because she was so tiny, cute and she loved us. All the info on the wall said she was perfect for us so we trotted off to the re homing block. We sat down with the woman and she started to tell us about her only she said that because of Russell we couldn't have her. I was gutted she was what I wanted. Then the woman said had we thought about Jack.

Jack's owner had two dogs and decided to get him from a farm only to find she couldn't cope with 3 dogs. The woman said that he was very nervous and shy which meant he needed some work but because we don't have a baby he would be perfect for us. The woman said he was great with kids but we had time to get him out of his shell before we had children of our own. So we agreed to have a look at him. We waited by the gate and out he came, this small scared little baby boy.

He didn't want to be taken from the dog workers but off we trotted around the car park with him. He was just skin and bones! Dan and I loved him esp Dan. He has always felt left out because of how much Russell loves me but I think we both have a dog now. Jack stood with us shaking like a leaf so we found him a ball which he took and ran off with. We told the woman we would have him and Dan agreed to drive us back the next day with Russell to let them meet.

When we got there with Russell I think he thought we were leaving him there, you should of seen his sad little face. Everyone was fussing over him and thought he was so cute, I thought to myself well of course he is! The women put them both on a lead and took them around the car park. Russell had a little grumble but after a few mins they were off running together so the woman said that we could take them out together. Dan was off running with them both, Jacks bum going one way and Russell's the other. This time Jack wasn't scared and he came and cuddled us and gave us kisses. So we have the house inspection tomorrow and we have to go for a talk Saturday, hopefully we can pick him up and bring him home the same day. Keep your fingers crossed he passes his re homing medical.

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  1. He looks lovely Kristy, so glad Russell seems to approve **grin**

    I'm sure he'll look even better when he has had a few decent meals.

    Had you thought of putting your Barleylands candle thing on the bedroom windowsill as it is much deeper than the one in the lounge?

    Sounds like a trip into Darlington or York next month to get a few house bit & pieces - oh that will be a hardship LOL and don't forget the new Do Crafts (Creativity) mag is due out on 1st Nov.